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Eco Efforts

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At ACC we believe that everyone has an individual responsibility
to do what he or she can to help protect our environment at work
and at home. Our corporate efforts are small steps towards
everyone’s goal of a healthier planet.

A few of the ways in which our corporate initiatives seek to reduce ACC’s environmental
impact include the following:

  • Paperless billing & reporting options for ACC customers.
  • Inclusion and high-utilization of low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles in our fleet.
  • Strict adherence to all State /Federal emission-control compliance regulations for
    all ACC vehicles.
  • Weekly driver route optimization to reduce emission and fuel consumption.
  • Utilization of water-wise practices for fleet vehicle washes.
  • Distribution of reusable water bottles for all ACC drivers.
  • Internal policies that promote less paper consumption, including copy machine settings
  • Pre-sort recycling bins and pick-up service throughout all ACC facilities
  • Energy-efficient thermostat setting controls and utilization of energy-efficient
    lighting wherever practical throughout all ACC facilities.

ACC continuously strives to bring eco-friendly practices and polices into our company and raise awareness about the importance of such practices with all ACC employees, in an effort to work in tandem with our customers and vendors to protect our environment.